Questions you may have

Is AgriPlace Trade for me?

AgriPlace Trade is for everyone who needs to deal with due diligence documentation in the agricultural supply chain. Importers, exporters, and growers can all upload, organize and share documents with their partners. Whether you're in the quality control department or in the sales team, AgriPlace Trade makes it easy for you to find and share your documents. And as a grower, you can easily point all your buyers to your documents stored online.

What kind of documents can I manage with AgriPlace Trade?

You can use AgriPlace Trade to manage any documents that you want to store online. The primary purpose is to make it easy for you to handle due diligence documents (like certificates and spraylists), but if you want to use the system in a different way, we won't stop you as long as you comply with our Terms of Service.

How is AgriPlace Trade different from the other similar platforms?

We come from the agricultural industry so we know what you're going through, and we will use our experience to make AgriPlace Trade as useful for you as possible. Also we will never sell your data. Everything you upload and all the data you share with us is yours, and we value your trust too much to trade it for profit.

How much time and effort will AgriPlace Trade save me?

That depends on the complexity of your supply chain and on the number of documents you deal with. After the initial setup there's no maintenance needed, so AgriPlace Trade makes it easy for you to organize documents you receive from your suppliers and share documents with your customers.

Can I have more than one people using the platform?

Yes, you can have multiple user accounts with access to your data. Once you are registered, you can add your colleagues under the settings. This does not increase the price, you only pay one licensee fee for the company.

In what languages can I use the platform?
The platform is currently available in Dutch, English and Spanish, and we will add French, German, Italian and Portuguese soon.
Do I need to sign a contract or make a long-term commitment?

No contract signing needed, just read and accept our Terms of Service. Invoicing is done on a monthly basis, so there's no long-term commitment needed from your side.

Who can see my documents?

Each document is visible only to the people you decide to share it with. We will look at your documents if it's needed to help you with customer support, and to make sure that the content is in line with our Terms of Service.

How do I share documents with my partners and receive documents from them?

You can easily upload the documents you already have, and give access to your partners whether they are also registered on the platform or not (by simply using their email address). You can also send requests to your partners so that they can do the same thing. The system helps you keep track of the requests you send and receive, so you have a clear view of what documents you expect, and what documents are expected from you.

Can I also upload documents without sharing them?

Absolutely, yes.

Can I save my customers and suppliers in the platform so that I can maintain their access to my documents easier?

Yes, you can add your customers and suppliers to the list of your partners. You can even use labels to categorize them in a way that suits you best. Each partner can have as many labels as you want, making it easy to search and sort and filter your list.

Are my connections hidden from other people on AgriPlace Trade? I don't want my whole supply chain to be public.

Of course. The list of your suppliers and customers is only visible to you.

Is Agriplace Trade connected to databases like the GlobalG.A.P. database?

Not yet, but we are looking into it.

Can I use the system without any kind of training?

Absolutely. The system is designed to be simple enough for anyone to start using it. (Plus we included some explanation, just in case.)

What kind of customer support can I expect?

Whether you need help or you just have a question, we're here for you. Our intention is to give you the best support possible, and to keep improving it continuously based on your feedback. However, as we are still a small team, for now our answers will be in English. We are planning to extend that to other languages in the future.

What happens if I decide to close my account?

Our purpose is not to trap you with a lock-in scenario, but to make the system so useful that you want to keep using it. If you choose to end your subscription, we will still make it easy for you to leave. (Although we will be sad about it, but no hard feelings.) The documents you shared with others will remain visible to them, and the rest will be deleted. You can also download all your data before deactivating your account.